Fun Factory Comparison - Which Pulsator Sex Toy is Best For You?

It isn’t going to shock anyone to learn that, here at Luxury Vibrators, we adore sex toys. But as we’ve said before, there are so many different kinds of toy out there, it can be hard to choose which is right for you. So, to continue our series of handy guides, we’ve asked sex toy experts, Scandarella, to give us the scoop on a special type of toy, so she’s back again with this super informative Fun Factory Pulsator Comparison Guide!


What is a Pulsator?


At first glance, it’s easy to assume that all Fun Factory Pulsators are silicone vibrators. They’re shaped like vibes, have the same control panels as vibes, but vibes they are not. In fact, with exception of the Bi Stronic Fusion, they don’t have vibrating motors at all.

No, inside of each Stronic shaft there’s a magnetic weight which glides back and forth. This internal shifting literally shakes the entire toy, thus producing a thrusting motion. Well, on the lower speeds it feels like gentle thrusting. On the higher speeds, I think it becomes more of a jiggle. It doesn’t really matter if you consider the sensation to be pulsating, thrusting, or jiggling, because it all leads to the same thing…


Handsfree Play!


Well, it does to an extent. Stronics are designed for handsfree play but I find that there are a few caveats to that. Position is one of them because as awesome as they are, Fun Factory Pulsators aren’t immune to gravity. They will rock themselves out of a body if the angle allows it, so I tend to swing my groin up so that, when it bounces up, it naturally falls back down again. This goes a long way to making the subtle thrust length feel longer.

Another thing that can aid them in their bid to break free is a super weak pelvic floor. I’m not saying you have to have the world’s strongest PC muscles to successfully use a Stronic, but if you’ve been neglecting your kegels it’s probably a good idea to choose a position where gravity will work with rather than against you.

Experimenting with position is a good idea, cos once you find your perfect angle you’re in for some…


Unstoppable stimulation!


Unlike human interaction, Fun Factory Pulsators are unstoppable, and I mean that in more ways than one. Firstly, they offer constant stimulation. Once you’ve selected your mode they go on and on, there’s no stopping mid-thrust to stave off an orgasm, no pause to flex fingers or rest wrists. If you need your stimulation to be steady and unchanging in order to climax, Stronics can offer you that.

Secondly, I mean ‘unstoppable’ in the most literal sense. With mechanical thrusters, it can be too easy to stall a motor with a tight muscle grip or an awkward angle. But the Fun Factory Pulsator can’t be squeezed into submission. As I said above it would rather bounce its way out of an orifice than stop doing its thing, it just does not stall. Unless it goes flat, of course.


Keep it Charged!


Something that shocks people about Fun Factory Pulsators is how long they take to charge. While most vibrators take a maximum of maybe four hours to reach a full charge, the original Stronics take…drumroll please… sixteen hours. Models from the Pulsator II line take around half that. They seem to last forever once fully juiced up, though, so while the wait may feel like an age if you run yours flat, the time between charges isn’t too shabby.

All Stronic models are charged via Fun Factory’s ‘Click ‘n’ Charge’ magnetic charger. These are long cables that connect to any USB point, so you can plug them into your laptop, computer, your phone’s plug… so useful for travelling.

Satisfyer is another brand that’s charging forth with their air pulse toys. They’ve made dramatic changes to their toys, making partner models as well as a rabbit.


Speaking of Travelling…


Like most Fun Factory toys, the Pulsators all come with travel locks so that they don’t start wiggling away in suitcases or wash bags. To activate it you need to press the FUN and MINUS buttons together, and to deactivate it press FUN along with PLUS. To keep them at their best they really need to be stored in some kind of lint free bag or cloth during travel. Indeed, during their entire lives. Why?




Fun Factory’s silicone is notorious for attracting all of the lint, dust, and pet hair in the land. It’s a weird kind of silicone, feeling a tad gritty to the touch. This is because Fun Factory’s silicone is finished by hand, they don’t use any chemical treatments or smoothing processes.

Because of the slightly draggy nature of the silicone, water-based lube is essential for a smooth Stronic experience. Especially, but not exclusively, if you’re a squirter. There’s something about the properties of the fluids expelled by squirting that seems to cause Fun Factory silicone toys to wedge themselves in. Don’t let that freak you out, it’s easily combatted with good quality lube. As I said, make sure your lube is water-based so that you don’t damage the surface of your toy.




Fun Factory have six Stronic Pulsators over two different generations and they all have the same thrusting options. They all begin at what Fun Factory have called the perfect thrust. A swift rocking motion that they say is the ideal thrust speed for all. Bold claim, I know, and not at all true (one size rarely fits all) but it is a very pleasant sensation regardless.

As well as the perfect thrust they all have three batches of three modes:
  • Algorithmic – these three are called Dirty Dancing, Gallop, and Rattle and they’re all akin to the beat of a heart during sex. The first is the slightly elevated pulse of arousal, the next is the thrum that comes with the approach of climax, and the third is the pounding beat of orgasm. Try starting on the lowest speed and increasing it in time with you rown arousal. It’s so much fun!
  • Constant Mode – these three are called Samba, Rumble, and Quicky. They’re all fast, almost sawing thrusts, with Samba being a shade faster than the perfect thrust. Rumble is faster again, and Quicky is so fast it almost begins to have a vibrating quality. My personal favourite of these modes is Rumble; not too slow as to understimulate but not so fast that it becomes an indistinct blur.
  • Dynamic Mode – these three are called Roller Ball, Vienne Waltz, and Rumba. Basically, they’re patterns, each of them starting slow or gentle and building to a climax before either scaling back down or stopping and starting anew. If you’re not someone who needs consistency in order to orgasm, switching up to the Dynamic Modes can be a great way of hovering on the edge of orgasm. Their cycle is pretty quick so there’s a good chance that the pause won’t knock you off the hotspot. Experiment with all three to find out which, if any, can do this for you.

So, that’s pretty much everything the Fun Factory Pulsators have in common, along with being waterproof and also pretty expensive. Yeah, there’s no glossing over the fact that they’re going to be heavy on the pocket, and I usually consider toys in their price bracket to be investments. So, it’s prudent to check out all the available shapes and sizes to make sure you select the perfect model for you right from the off.


The Pulsator Line Up…



Pulsator II


The Fun Factory Pulsator II line features models that are slimmer and lighter than the classics. All of the features are the same, though, none of the power has been sacrificed in stream-lining the sizes.


Stronic G


  • Overall length – 8.5”
  • Insertable length – 6.5”
  • Maximum circumference – 4.75”


The Stronic G is a shape many sex toy enthusiasts will recognize from pieces like the LELO Ella and Pico Bong Moka. Its sharply hooked tip pushes the softly flattened head against the front wall and holds it there, making this the ultimate g-spotting Stronic. It’s slim and smooth so there won’t be a great deal of stretching and there’ll be no textural stimulation, and it’s unflared so isn’t anal safe.


Stronic Real


  • Overall length – 8.5”
  • Insertable length – 5.5”
  • Maximum circumference – 4.75”

This model is called the Stronic Real because its design is subtly semi-realistic. But only right at the tip where you’ll find a soft glans penis shape with an unexpectedly bold coronal ridge. The rest of the shaft is featureless and smooth and, in keeping with this new, slimmed-down generation of Pulsators, slender. Like the other models, the Stronic Real is great for g-spotting with a bit of angling, but it isn’t anal safe.

  • Overall length – 8.25”
  • Insertable length – 6”
  • Maximum circumference – 5”

With its sharp, evenly spaced ridges, the Stronic Surf is the only other textured Pulsator. It looks as though someone grabbed and squeezed it while the silicone was wet. No matter which way you turn it, there’s something going on. Zig-zagged veins down the sides, soft bumps on the back, and those deep peaks and troughs on the front, it’s just as intense as the Drei. Its tip works week for g-spotting, and because there’s a flared peak at the base it’s suitable for anal, too. If the Drei looks too girthy for you, the Surf could be the perfect alternative.

  • Overall length – 8.46”
  • Insertable length – 4.33”

Coming soon to the Fun Factory Pulsator Comparison Guide is the Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion. Combining pulsation and vibration in a rabbit-style dual stimulator!


“So that’s it for the Fun Factory Pulsator Comparison Guide,

but I’ll be back next month with more on your favourite sex toys.”