Let’s talk about sex.

Sex. It’s a beautiful, magical thing. We all have our ways of enjoying it - our little fantasies to explore, but it is shrouded in discomfort, guilt, and shame. Adult toys are still taboo for most couples; a lot of them avoid sex toys all their life, without ever experiencing the excitement, fun, and immense pleasure they bring. We want to break the taboo, awkwardness, and stigma associated with sex and sex toys. We want people to fully embrace their sexuality, explore their fantasies and free their bodies; that’s why Sexi Toys exists. 

What makes us so unique? 

Our extensive range of Vibrators, Dildos, Anal Toys, Anal Beads and all sorts of masturbators are designed with one thing in mind: Everyone deserves to have mindblowing, toe-curling sex and feel safe while doing it. So, whether you’re exploring your sexuality, trying to make things enjoyable with your partner, or want to have solo fun - make it happen with Sexi Toys.

What keeps us going?

Inspiring people to be more open minded about sex and love their bodies. Our dedicated team has spent years researching and personally testing each design to make sure they are safe, non-toxic, and fun to use. Every single toy in our store is carefully designed and improved, taking into consideration real experiences and feedback from our team. So, no matter what you choose, you’ll always have a Sexi time. Even if you’ve been using sex toys for a while now, or are a first-timer, you can always feel extremely confident and secure while you shop with us.

Sexi.Toys - Imagined and Created in Canada